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Laura, protector of the woods

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1 Laura, protector of the woods op za apr 09, 2016 1:49 am


Name: Laura 

Last name: Protect

Nickname(s): Lau, Protect

Age: 17 years

Gender: female

Character: Laura is really stubborn, she doesn't have a lot of patience. She isn't scared easily and can be very aggressive. Laura can be very nice though but only to the people she trusts.

Species: shapeshifter( wolf)

Siblings: 1 older brother but she doesn't know who he is.(he is evil, her dad prevent them from meeting each other)

History: she has been abused for a very long time. It all started a long time ago, her parents were getting into a lot of major fights and she always got hit by her mom cause she was too drunk to function. Her dad was the caring parent, he comforted Laura when she was sad and did fun stuff with her. But 4 years later when she was 7 her dad suddenly disappeared. Laura got beat even more by her mom. Laura tried to find her dad, but Every time She failed. Her mom even cut her and put her sigarettes out on her so she has cuts and burn marks all over her body. Laura escaped and went to the woods.

Weapon(s): Ofcourse her teeth are weapons as well but she always carries her dagger with her.

Extra:she lives in the forest and has cuts and burn marks all over her body but she hides them. And she smokes

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